Many years ago I drew commissioned animal portraits in graphite.  Scroll down for some examples.  Switching to the use of white pencil on black as an alternative, I found I could achieve a softer, more sympathetic feel to the work, while still retaining the detail and my favoured monochrome look.

Dog drawing, white pencil on black.  Sweet face
Dear Bumble
Drawing white on black. Sleeping  Dartmoor foal
Drawing, white on black. Curious Dartmoor pony foal
Drawing, white on black. Dartmoor pony mare grazing, viewed from behind, wide bottom!
Big Dun
Drawing white on black. Head detail of Dartmoor pony foal
Jed's Foal
Drawing, white on black. Wild pony stallion rearing. seen from behind
Little Rearing Stallion
Drawing, white on black.  Handsome chesnut Thoroughbred colt with white face
Drawing white on black. Suffolk Punch horse head study
Suffolk Punch
Drawing, white on black. Daisy flower detail

From 1992 until around the time I got bored, I offered graphite pencil drawings as commissions.  These are just a few of the pieces I kept for myself, the others are lost in time...

dog drawing graphite
Zulu. Beloved.
elephant drawing graphite
Elephant Child 1
elephant drawing graphite
Elephant Child 2
graphite drawing native american
Native American
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