Animal rights is simply my absolute passion. 


These works are largely inspired by my activism, and by my part in the continuing fight to end the exploitation of all other animals on our amazing planet.

Colourful animals. Sitting on university steps having escaped vivisection
University Of Mad Science
Colourful farm animals. Chained up under a sign reading Happy Farms. The Humane Myth.
Chains Of Deceit
Chicken drawing, white on black. Alternative wording to cuts of meats, showing intelligence.
I Am A Chicken!
Pig drawing, white on black. Alternative wording for cuts of meat, showing desire to live.
I Am A Pig!
Lamb drawing, white on black. Alternative to cuts of meat, showing true nature of sheep.
I Am A Lamb!
Drawing, white on black, fish inside packaging, beside book on fish intelligence.
We Are Fishes
Drawing, white on black. Pig face inside packaging, describing suffering.
I Am Diamond
Drawing, white on black, chicken faces looking out from meat packaging. Depicting sentience.
We Are Family
Painting, acrylic. Dairy cow and calf, bonding. Flowers with ancient meanings of motherhood. Anti-dairy.
Mother's Love
Pig painting, acrylic. Smiling joyful pigs with flowers. Vegan message.
Pure Joy
Horse painting acrylic. Running horse with peaceful images inside.
Royal Ascot
Painting, white horse on green background,  jumping. Red visor and blood spatters. Ghost of horses killed in racing.
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