I am fortunate to be surrounded by free-living animals where I live.  To see them controlling their own lives, freely making their own choices and enjoying the autonomy which should be afforded to all animals, gives me joy and inspires me to be full of positivity.

Barn owl painting, acrylic. Cool blue with oak bark and ivy as feathers.
Little Blue Owl
Puffins, acrylic painting.  Green bodies with flowers common to the cliffs where they nest
Flower Lovers
Seagull, gull painting, acrylic.  Looking out over the sea, green and purple bladderwrack seaweed for feathers
Sea Gazing
Kingfisher painting, acrylic. Sitting on lichen covered branch, beech leaves as feathers
Little Blue Streak
Teal duck painting, acrylics. Female flying with metallic teal colours in wings
Teal Duck
Buzzard painting on wood.  Vibrant colours flying in blue sky
Higher Perspective
Fox painting, acrylic. Vibrant blue abstract fox head on orange background
Blue Fox
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